David Soo - 25 years from Melbourne

Born and bred in Melbourne, David Soo is a full-time professional musician, completing an Artist Diploma at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Joan Havill

David Soo pianist

What drew you to become a musician? I’ve always loved music since I was very young. I was very fortunate to hear my mother play when I was growing up. Since then, it has become a life-long hobby and I am extremely grateful that I have an opportunity to pursue this as a career.

Do you sometimes perform in an ensemble? Yes I do. Chamber Music and Vocal Accompaniment is an important part of my ongoing development as a musician, and I always have great joy and pleasure working with many musicians

What is so special about the piano and its music? The piano repertoire is vast, and there are many sounds one can produce from the piano. I enjoy spending hours on end trying to achieve an ‘ideal’ sound and it is always such a rewarding feeling to perform piano on the concert stage.

Do you sing? No

What are your hobbies and why are you passionate about them?

I love art and I love spending time each week looking at art work. Being in London, I am surrounded by many art galleries, both traditional and contemporary art museums. These bring great inspiration to my music-making.

Do you do a lot of travel?  Where have you been overseas in the past few years? I love travelling! Recent trips include trips to France, Germany, Spain and China. Most of these for performances and concerts.

What are your goals over the next two years? As pianists, we have a never-ending repertoire, and my goal is to continually learn and perform as much repertoire as I can whilst a student. My other goal is to perform as frequently as I can in concert halls throughout the world, as soloist, chamber musician and concerto soloist.

 Who inspires you and why? My piano teacher, Joan Havill. She has been a source of inspiration since I have studied with her at the Guildhall School of Music.

Which musician inspires you any why?   Daniel Barenboim’s musicianship inspires me in many ways. Each performance brings a lot of exuberance, passion, finesse and colour. This inspires me to bring a similar approach to my practice sessions.

Which composer’s music do you love and why? I love the music of Samuel Barber and Sergei Prokofiev. Both these great composers bring a lot of joy and character.

Name 4 of your favourite things to do to chill out/have fun: Visiting Art Galleries, Music Concerts, Reading, and Running

 How do you relax and unwind from rehearsing? I like to spend time reading books (both music and non-music related)

How do you care for your back etc. (to stop injuries etc)? I spend time every day going for a run and doing a few stretches on a YOGA mat.

 Favourite meal / food / fruit and why? I love Chinese and Italian food- tasty, delicious and flavoursome!

Do you compose your own music? Unfortunately, no!

What do you hope to get out of this Australian National Piano Award? An opportunity to share music with like-minded musicians

How long have you been rehearsing for this event? Quite some time!

How did you hear about the Australian National Piano Award? Through friends