The Silent Showman - history of Tallis Wines

The Silent Showman - Sir George Tallis 1869 – 1948 George Tallis arrived in Melbourne in 1886 as a 17 year old Irish immigrant with 14 shillings in his pocket. He secured a job as a junior with a growing theatrical concern run by the great actor/manager JC Williamson.

Silent Showman at Tallis Winery

During his lifetime, Sir George rose to the top of the Australian entertainment industry and established a reputation as a peerless live theatre entrepreneur and the man behind the largest entertainment organization of the 1920’s.
His achievements were significant yet his story lies buried. In part this can be attributed to his own personality: he was a quiet man, not given to self-promotion – hence he was known as The Silent Showman.
Three generations on, descendants of Sir George Tallis are acknowledging his accomplishments with the release of the Silent Showman range of wine, produced by his great grandson Richard Tallis on the family property in the rich red Dookie Hills, north Central Victoria.
The parcel of fruits used for this wine are selected from the best shiraz grapes grown in the vineyard.