They are here and the music begins tomorrow

Greeted by the adjudicators, committee, board members and the Mayor Counsellor, Jenny Houlihan - thirteen musicians got to meet each other. We drew the ballot order of performance and it all starts tomorrow. Welcome everyone

13 Finalists have arrived in Shepparton Finalists checking out steinway for Aust Piano Award

Monday September 8 - Round One

Afternoon recitals:

  • Aaron Liu (QLD)
  • Daniel Le (VIC)
  • David Soo (VIC)

Evening recitals:

  • Natasha Lin (VIC)
  • William Schmidt (VIC)
  • Nadia Koudesheva (NSW)
  • Alex Raineri (VIC)

Tuesday September 9 - Round One

  • Ben Austin (TAS)
  • Adam Herd (NSW)
  • John Fisher (QLD)

Evening performances - round one:

  • Berta Brozgul (VIC)
  • Yiyun Gu (VIC)
  • Anne Veinberg (NSW)